Acorn Gardens – Services

Acorn Gardens – Services

At Acorn Gardens, we make sure we guide you well with respect to the gardening services you require and we provide. You are allowed to connect with us at any time of the day and consult with us on any query that you may have. Besides offering our guidance and consultancy services, we do have professionals for your technical gardening assistance as well.

Grass Cutting

A grass properly cut is a grass that proportionately grows, offering an elegant green appearance to your lawn or yard. Our professionals know very well how and when to opt for grass cutting and lawn mowing services.

Hedge Cutting

Like grass cutting, hedge cutting is yet again an art. One needs to know the pattern of cutting the same using the equipment available. We have professionals at Acorn Gardens who know how to use the tools for perfect hedge cutting. So why do it yourself?

Weed Control

Our gardening representatives know when to put efforts for weed control. It is the process that stops harmful weeds to grow with the ones that are harmless. There are various methods of weed control, which our experts are very well aware of.

Garden Maintenance

Acorn Gardens educates homeowners or gardeners of the premises on how to make the conditions favourable for a particular plant to grow. This helps in the improved maintenance of your garden area.

Tree Works

Our professional tree works and care services let you take care of the planting, growth, maintenance, and preservation of trees.

Laying chips

Stone chips are an intelligent supplement for gardens. Our gardening representatives understand that stone chips can’t help plants grow directly but they act as an external support for the soil. While there are other options can be used as the perfect organic mulches, stone chips or crushed stones are gradually getting popularity as well.

Tidy Ups

We know how important tidiness and cleanliness is for our service seekers. Hence, we make sure we wind up everything properly and don’t leave the mess behind. Don’t hesitate to call us just because we will make your place untidy. We promise we won’t.

Tree Estimates

Acorn Gardens have different rates for different services. From tree planting to tree removal, they offer anything and everything that you seek. If you take up multiple services, you may be lucky to get a huge discount from us.

Gutters clean

The next set of Acorn Gardens services includes gutters cleaning and maintenance. This is because we want our plants to grow in a healthy and hygienic environment. Cleaning the gutters will mean an eco-friendly ambiance for the flora and fauna to grow.

Power Washing

We use the technique of power washing to clean stubborn stains from the hard surfaces. This cleaning is good for landscapes and garden areas that have stone pavements or stone covered areas.

Pressure Washing

From the driveways to the stone deck of your pergolas – our pressure washing is a perfect way to remove the stains and dirt from those hard surfaces and keep them clean and dirt-free for long period.

Painting Fences

We offer high quality fence painting services for the fences of your garden and the other sections of the property. Our experts apply the right painting techniques and the best paints for fences made of different materials.

Chips Operate

When you collaborate with us, we offer the best chips operate functions. Our experts are well aware of the types of chips that are laid for a fertile landscape. We are known for using stone chips for plants despite knowing that it doesn’t directly contribute to the plant growth. But keeping the growing popularity of this product in mind, we like to use it for your gardening requirements.